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West Kazakhstan Regional Museum of Local History

This museum is one of the oldest in Kazakhstan. It was organized in 1832. Now it is located in a historical and architectural building built in 1879 in the oriental style for the Russian-Kazakh school.

The museum has its own branches: The House-Museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union M.Mametova, the House-Museum of E. Pugachev, the House-Museum of the artist S. Gumarov, the Museum of Nature and Ecologists in the city of Uralsk, the museum complex of the famous writer M. Sholokhov in the village of Dariinsk, Zelenovsky district, the Syrymsky District Museum of Local History named after S. Datula.

The museum has a rich fund, in which 102917 exhibits are preserved. Among them are articles of applied art, military armor of batyrs, horse harnesses, a khan's scepter, a copy of the camisole of Khanshi Fatima-the wife of Zhangir Khan, picturesque portraits of the khans of the Younger Zhuz and household items of the population of the Urals.

The museum has halls of archeology, the history of the Middle Ages of the Golden Horde period and the history of the Yaitsky town, the history of the Younger Zhuz, the history of the Bukeev Khanate, the history of the Soviet period, the history of art, literature, science and education of the West Kazakhstan region, the ethnography of the Kazakh people, the history of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

090000, Republic of Kazakhstan, 

Uralsk, 184 N. Nazarbayev Ave.,

tel.: 8 (7112) 506528, 505165, 511952




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