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A. S. Pushkin Museum

In 2006, Kazakhstan celebrated the year of the poet A. S. Pushkin, and the opening of the literary museum named after A. S. Pushkin in Uralsk was timed to this date.

The museum was opened in the historical part of the city in the so-called “ataman's house”, it was here that the great poet stayed in 1833, when for three days he lived and worked in Uralsk. The house was built around 1830, just a few years before the poet's arrival, according to the design of the Italian architect Dilmedino. During the Soviet era, the hospital for employees of the internal affairs bodies was located here for many years. Before the opening of the museum, a complete reconstruction and restoration was carried out, the facade and part of the interior interiors were recreated. This building is an architectural monument, it may well become a symbol of Russian literature in Kazakhstan, because in addition to A. S. Pushkin, in different years it was visited by I. Krylov, V. Dal, V. Zhukovsky, T. Shevchenko, A. Pleshcheev, M. Sholokhov and many others.

The great poet Pushkin stayed in Uralsk for only three days in October 1833. At that time, he collected historical materials that later formed the basis of his work “The History of the Pugachev Riot” and the story “The Captain's Daughter”.

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