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Museum of the artist Saken Gumarov

The museum was opened in 1995 in his art studio.  

Saken Gumarov was born in Bukeevschina (now Bukeiordinsky district) West Kazakhstan region. Since childhood, he drew the steppe, the free lines of felt carpets (tekemetov).

Saken Gumarov is a member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR, a member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan. He was engaged in painting for 30 years. "I've been drawing since I can remember, working only in oil. He did not limit himself to genres, themes, and did not focus on national, class, social and racial differences. Indirectly and passionately influenced by music, architecture and poetry, " the artist wrote about himself. 

The influence of S. Gumarov's paintings on the feelings of those who see them is multifaceted. The painting of this artist carries a huge charge of optimism and gives the key to understanding the unity of the world. 

The museum exhibits paintings from the artist's private collection, personal belongings, photo documents.

090000, Republic of Kazakhstan, 

Uralsk, K. Amanzholov str., 120,

tel: 8 (7112) 519035



+7 7112 510751