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People's Museum "Old Uralsk"

The Museum is a cultural hearth around which people gather, loving and knowing the oral, its fascinating history and rich cultural traditions.

At the moment the Museum holds a rich collection of photographs and postcards of the old oral, photographs 1880-1950 Urals years, vintage furniture, tableware, watches, household items and fisheries, clothing, icons, awards, Bon and coins. There is a large collection of lifting material from the Bronze Age to the beginning of the XX century (found on the shore of the Urals in the oldest areas of Uralsk - Kureny and Novoselki), which contains a large number of ceramics and other objects that belonged to people who once lived in these places. There is a wonderful collection of pre-revolutionary local history literature, old printed books. The museum's library is constantly replenished, which contains many books with author's signatures. Work is underway to collect memorabilia that belonged to our outstanding countrymen. Constantly recorded memories from old-timers of Uralsk and the region. 

090000, Republic of Kazakhstan,

Uralsk, Frunze str., 49,

tel: 8 (7112) 519260


+7 7112 510751