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V. I. Chapaev Museum

The Memorial Museum of the Civil War hero V. I. Chapaev is located 125 km from the city of Uralsk in the village of Chapaev, Akzhayksky district on the right bank of the Ural River.

The village of Chapaev was founded at the end of the XIX century as an outpost "Sunday", later it was renamed the village "Lbishchensk". In 1941, a memorial museum was opened in the headquarters building of the 25th Rifle Division, commanded by V. I. Chapaev.

In 1977, an additional building was built on the territory of the museum. It presents expositions about the history of the division and the district. At this time, more than 2 thousand exhibits are placed in 5 halls of the memorial complex.

On the first floor of the museum, you can see the offices of political workers and the staff officer on duty in their original form. There are also a samovar, a cast-iron pot where potatoes were cooked, tea accessories, a Maxim machine gun that participated in the battles for the village of "Lbishchensk".

On the second floor of the museum there are exhibits and information about the hero of the Civil War V. I. Chapaev. This is his desk, wall clock, kerosene lamp, pen and ink.

090000, Republic of Kazakhstan,  

West Kazakhstan region,  

Akzhayk district, Chapaev village


+7 7112 510751