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Museum of the first fire station of Uralsk

Uralsk repeatedly burned to the ground and was restored from the ashes. In the narrow streets, wooden houses burned down in a matter of minutes, and people were left to watch in horror as the fire left them homeless. It is no accident that the first fire service in Kazakhstan was created in Uralsk.

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E. I. Pugachev House-Museum

Among the museums of the city, the monument of history and wooden architecture of the XVII century – the house-museum of E. I. Pugachev-is deservedly very popular among residents and guests.

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M. Mametova Museum

In this house from 1932 to 1934 lived the Mametov family, who raised a glorious daughter of the Kazakh people. Manshuk Mametova – the first woman of the East, awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

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A. S. Pushkin Museum

In 2006, Kazakhstan celebrated the year of the poet A. S. Pushkin, and the opening of the literary museum named after A. S. Pushkin in Uralsk was timed to this date.

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West Kazakhstan Regional Museum of Local History

This museum is one of the oldest in Kazakhstan. It was organized in 1832. Now it is located in a historical and architectural building built in 1879 in the oriental style for the Russian-Kazakh school.

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Historical and Ethnographic Museum. Zhangir Khan

Since its foundation, the museum has been actively involved in the cultural life of the city of Uralsk. Over the ten years of the museum's activity, more than 30 thousand people have visited it.The museum staff conducted 1,335 excursions and 130 cultural events.

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